Want to make your Bride speech more entertaining? Make it Rhyme!

Our Bride Speech Ebook provides over 75 example Rhyming verses which you can use to make your Bride Speech Rhyme!

A Rhyming Brides Speech is unique, hilarious and does not require the incredible public speaking skills that a more conventional speech does!

It is becoming more and more common to see a Bride give a speech at a Wedding.  Traditionally the Groom has always given the speech on behalf of himself and his new wife.  However, now the brides are wanting to stand up and add a few words of their own and that’s great!

It’s refreshing to see something a little different at wedding, particularly something that will make the speeches more interesting. However, its important to make sure that you keep it entertaining for everyone…..

Making the speech rhyme will make it more entertaining and much much easier to present!!

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The newlywed lady will give thanks in her brides speech to the groom, guests, bridesmaids and family.  Our Ebook download is filled with over 75 example verses which covers all of these areas and which will make the speech easy to put together, give the impression that you are an amazing public speaker and will make your guests laugh, cry and be thoroughly entertained!

 The verses are romantic, touching and funny – there won’t be a dry eye in the house!

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“Making my speech rhyme made it so much more enjoyable to present as I could tell that the guests genuinely were enjoying it.  I dont mind speaking in public, but I wouldn’t have wanted to stand up and bore everyone.”
D Williams, Essex

We are so confident that you will love our Rhyming Brides Speech Ebook that we offer a 60 day 100% Moneyback Guarantee.  If you aren’t completely satisfied, we will refund the full cost of the Ebook!!

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8 Reasons why you should download this Ebook now!

  • It is unique – the wedding guests will appreciate seeing something different to the conventional speeches they have all seen before.  A brides speech is definitely different and a refreshing change from the norm!
  • You are practically guaranteed to make your groom and wedding guests audience laugh and cry!
  • It is so much easier to perform than a normal wedding speech – especially if you aren’t used to public speaking
  • Your guests wont mind if you read it from paper!
  • The Ebook comes with a 100% moneyback guarantee.  You can get a full refund within 60 days if you aren’t completely satisfied, meaning you can order with complete confidence!
  • The Ebook is downloaded immediately – so you can start to write the perfect Brides Speech straight away!
  • The Ebook not only contains over 75 example rhyming verses but also a guide on how to structure the speech and what to cover
  • The Ebook costs just $12!

The Ebook contains all of the following!….

  • Over 75 fantastic Rhyming verses!
  • A guide on how to structure your rhyming Brides Speech
  • Advice on all of the things that a Bride should say
  • A list of wedding related words and lots of useful words that rhyme with these – ideal for those of you who want to add in a few rhyming verses of your own

There’s more!…..

Free Bonus!!

As a special bonus if you download now, you will receive a free guide to writing rhyming wedding invitations to send to your guests, complete with a larghe number of example rhyming verses!!

 Does it really cost just $27?

Yes! For a limited time only though.  Just one, one off payment of $27 – a tiny price to pay for something which can have such a big impact on your wedding day.  The Brides Speech is one thing that your Groom and all the guests will remember about the day.

There’s not many other things you will buy for just $27 that have such a big contribution to the wedding day.

Price just $27 (limited time offer!)

(payment can be made in most currencies, including USD, GBP and EUR and is 100% secure)

Speech Bubble

Option 1

You’ve just given your speech and are sitting back down at the table.  Some of the guests are clapping but many are already waiting for the best man and groom, hoping that they will do something a little less boring. It was initially nice for them to see the bride do a speech, as its so different, but it was still the same as they have all seen before.  The person next to you smiles at you but without any real emotion in their eyes.  The guests laughed and smiled politely thoughout the speech, in the right places (mostly), but again, without any real emotion – it was polite laughter, not genuine, and you know it.  You know you could have done better. You wanted to make this day special for everyone, not just yourself and your husband, but the speech hasnt managed to do that. You know your husband loves you no matter what, but wish you could have done him proud.  You’ll be kicking yourself for a long time afterwards.

Option 2

You’ve just given your speech and are sitting back down at the table, having stood a little longer than necessary to soak up the applause and laughter.  All of the guests are still clapping, laughing, some with tears in their eyes.  You can see GENUINE smiles on each of their faces, and they are looking at you with admiration.  They are pleased to have finally seen an unique, interesting, wedding speech.  It’s so refreshing for everyone in the room.  A few people give you the thumbs up and your new husband gives you a big kiss. Everyone is proud of you, you know inside that you done well, and you are proud of yourself.  Now lets see if the Groom and Best Man can follow that!

Needless to say that ordering the Rhyming Bride Speech guide will allow option 2 to become a reality! 

Order now and make your dreams come true!

Price just $27 (limited time offer!)

(payment can be made in most currencies, including USD, GBP and EUR, and is 100% secure)

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“A really great, well written ebook, that proved to be such a help for me in giving the entertaining speech that I wanted to give.”
L Farrell, London

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