Father of the Bride Speech Examples

Father of the Bride Speech

I want to share with you some Father of the Bride speech examples, to help you start planning and writing a great speech for your daughter’s wedding day.

To start with, I’ll just outline the basics for what should be covered in the Father of the Bride speech.  You will likely be giving your speech in advance of both the Groom and the Best Man, and your main job is to:

-          Give a welcome to all of the wedding guests
-          Thank all of the guests for coming to your daughter’s special day
-          Talk about your daughter, perhaps with some fond memories of her as she was growing up
-          Greet your new son-in-law into the family
-          Toast the Bride and Groom.

The speech shouldn’t last too long, around 5-10 minutes, but you’ll be surprised how much it’s possible to cover in that time.

As you will probably guess, I highly recommend giving a rhyming father of the bride speech, as it never fails to entertain the guests, and is much easier to write and present than the normal type of speech.  However, below, we’ll look at examples from both types of speech.

Welcome and Thanks Examples

An example of a traditional welcome in a father of the bride speech is normally along the lines of this:

“I would like to start by on behalf both myself and my wife, and the Groom’s parents, welcome to all of you today who have who have joined us to celebrate Greg and Donna’s wedding. I appreciate that many of you have travelled long distances to be here, and it’s the FA Cup Final today(!), so we really are glad you are helped us to celebrate this very special day.”

It’s a good opening to the speech. It does its job, has a little humour in there (with the reference to the cup final, which can always be easily changed to another event), and sets you up for the rest of the speech.

However, what the above example doesn’t do particularly well is grab the guests attention, or give them something to remember.  They have heard this type of thing many times before, at almost every other wedding they have been to.  That’s why I recommend something along the lines of this:

So as the Father of the Bride it’s my duty
To welcome you all here today,
And celebrate this great occasion,
In such a special way

Normal speeches are I’m bad at,
So I won’t take up much time,
But I’m going to try something different,
And make all of my speech rhyme

Nice right? Imagine you were a guest at the wedding and heard these two different Father of the Bride speech examples to welcome the guests.  Which one would you prefer to hear?  Which would grab your attention?  What would make you sit up and listen, eager to hear the rest of the speech.?

Clearly the rhyming father of the bride speech wins hands down, and all the feedback we’ve had from those who have used our ebook have supported this view.

Let’s carry on and look at some more examples.

The Toast Examples

At the end of your speech you will want to raise a toast to the Bride and Groom.  This is normally done with a simple line such as this example:

“It is now my pleasure to propose a toast to the happy couple. Please be upstanding and raise your glasses to the bride and groom, Mr & Mrs Williams.”

Again, it does the job but is instantly forgettable.  Remember also, it’s likely that the Groom Speech and Best Man Speech will contain several toasts, so lines similar to this are going to be heard several times in the next 20-30minutes.  Wouldn’t it be nice to spice things up a bit?  These rhyming Father of the Bride example verses help to make things much more interesting:

Before I finish one last thanks,
For all of you who gave up your time,
To spend this day with us,
And listen to my rhyme

I’d like to now propose a toast,
So please everyone in the room,
Stand up and raise your glasses,
To the beautiful Bride and Groom!

Again, much more fun. Much more interesting! It still does the job of thanking the guests, and raising the toast, but does it in a way that is entertaining for the guests.

I hope you found these Father of the Bride speech examples of use, regardless of which type of speech you are planning to give at your daughter’s wedding.

We obviously recommend giving a rhyming speech as we feels it’s much more entertaining – as shown in the example verses provided above.  Interestingly, the feedback we receive is that a rhyming Father of the Bride speech is also much easier to present than the normal type of speech.  The rhyming speech can be read from paper, so there is no worry about forgetting any lines, and there is less pressure on the presentation, as the rhyme is doing all the work.

You can find out more about our Father of the Bride speech ebook here.

Thanks for checking out ofur Father of the Bride speech examples! Please feel free to share with anyone else you think may be interested.


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