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Wedding Speech Ideas

At a wedding, whether you are the groom, best man, father of the bride, or even the bride, it’s likely that, when your time comes, you want to be able to give an entertaining, heartfelt, funny speech. Everyone wants to be able to entertain the guests but so many people fail.

If you are anything like me, sitting through a conventional wedding speech can be so boring, especially if it’s just filled with ‘jokes’ that the person giving the speech clearly hasn’t written themselves (having just copied example speeches off the internet).  Yes, the guests might laugh politely, but wouldn’t it be nice to genuinely entertain them?  I don’t want to sound miserable, but I’m sure you have all thought it at some point in your life.  Anyway, if you want to make your wedding speech a little different (i.e. more entertaining), then maybe you could incorporate some of the ideas below….

Use Props
The use of props can help to make a really funny speech.  If you are giving the best man speech, maybe you could get the groom to wear a wig, or silly outfit, that somehow relates to a story you are telling about him – perhaps something related to the stag do / bachelor party (though not anything that might get him in trouble!)

Even holding up some of the horrendous clothes that the Groom used to wear could be funny if the clothes are that bad.

Another opportunity to introduce props is during the Groom speech.  Gifts will often be handed out to people who have helped with the special day at this point.  If you can find a gift that has an amusing story behind them, then obviously share those with your guests.

Songs / Music
You could incorporate a song or some music into your wedding speech.  Getting all the guests to join in the singing can be great fun.  Perhaps you could make up some words to a well-known song and have everyone sing along to that (with you putting the words on a screen or held up on cards).

If you are really talented, maybe you could play an instrument and sing a song at same time – maybe a best man speech that involves you playing the acoustic guitar while singing a funny song that you have written about the groom could go down really well.

One example I found given in an article on the Guardian’s website was this great song which all the wedding guests sung along to.  It’s sung to the tune of “That’s Entertainment”….

A lump of cheese and a doorstep sandwich
Painted toenails and a five quid haircut,
Big fat belly, year round suntan
Loves his Mum even more than his sofa

That’s Steven Busfield
That’s Steven Busfield

A donkey jacket and those ancient boots
An England shirt and a ripped old jumper
Yorkshire pudding and roast beef on Sundays
Listening to Robbie and supporting the Vale

That’s Steven Busfield
That’s Steven Busfield

La la la, La la la

Days in Leeds spent watching Yorkshire
Hissing down with rain at boring Headingley
Keeping score and eating melon medley
No-one there except him and his Ma

That’s Steven Busfield
That’s Steven Busfield

Ma ma ma, ma ma ma

The Great Escape and the Cooler King
Cardiff City and playing at full back
Endless emails and taramasalata
Watching the telly and wishing you were Darren Gough

That’s Steven Busfield
That’s Steven Busfield

That’s Mrs Busfield
That’s Mrs Busfield

Along the same lines as the song, but requiring much less musical talent (!), is the idea of making your whole speech rhyme.  This can be particularly funny and much easier to deliver than the normal type of speech, which can be very difficult if you aren’t used to public speaking or lack confidence.  Almost every verse will get a laugh, even if it’s not particularly funny, purely because of the uniqueness of it.  You can obtain a number of rhyming speech example verses perfect for your Groom SpeechBest Man Speech, Father of the Bride or Bride Speech at

If it’s possible at the venue, showing some video footage can be interesting.

Perhaps it’s a message from a relative who can’t be at the wedding, or some funny video footage of the Groom from when he was young. The possibilities are endless!  If you are going to do this, obviously make sure that all of the guests are able to easily see the screen – it won’t be a great speech if only the guests at the front can follow along!

You could show some pictures during your speech.  Including some funny photos of the groom during the best man speech would go down well.    It could be a picture of the Groom when he was young, perhaps an example of the bad clothes he used to wear.  You could even doctor the picture, putting his head on someone else’s body.  One great example I have heard of was a best man revealing a poster of the grooms head put on to a bodybuilders body, with a speech bubble coming out his mouth saying “Hi, call me Carlo”, which was apparently one of his old chat up lines.  His name wasn’t Carlo.

You could run a sweepstake on the length of the speeches.  This will get all of the guests involved and can be good fun.

Book Reading
I’ve heard an example of someone who was given a book of wedding speeches and hit on the idea of simply holding the book and reading out whole tracts from it complete with the alternative versions.  As an example, the groom described his bride as “beautiful slash funny slash radiant etc etc”.  This can be risky but the originality might get a laugh – I just wouldn’t suggest using it for the whole speech!  The joke could back fire if you have used stolen one liners throughout the rest of the speech.

Phone Call
You could try having someone call your mobile phone during the speech.  You’d answer the call and have a conversation with them, which could go something like this “Hello mate……I’m at a wedding today….. Na, rubbish mate……my speech? Yeah going down a storm of course…..the groom? Punching above his weight big time”.  This type of thing is probably ideal for a funny best man speech.  Again, it’s a risky one; don’t carry it on too long, but something brief will make the guests laugh.

Magic trick
If you can pull off a good magic trick, and make it relevant to the speech and the stories you are telling, then this can be a good idea.  Be careful not to include it just for the sake of including a trick, it must be relevant…otherwise it will just look like you are showing off!

Amusing References
I read about one wedding where there were two best men, both of whom contributed towards the speech.  The wedding was at a zoo and so they both competed to try and get as many animal based references in to the speech as possible (“he didn’t want to kangaroo-in our friendship…”).  This can be a great idea, just make sure you have some other jokes included as well, or it could end up becoming boring!

As you can see, there are a number of ways to make the wedding speeches a little more interesting and entertaining.  We’d love to hear your thoughts on these, as well as any other ideas that you have.  Of course, we highly recommend checking out the Rhyming Groom SpeechBest Man SpeechFather of the Bride or Bride Speech guides on our site.  These are always a hit with the wedding party and are so easy to present.

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